Family Board Games That Are Easy to Learn

Family board games are the perfect solution for screen-free family fun, but the idea of learning the rules of a new game, and then teaching it to little ones with limited attention spans can sometimes seem like a lot! You might find yourself asking as the guilt creeps in - ‘will playing board games with my kids be fun?’

That’s why our game designers at Skillmatics ensure game play is easy - right out of the box! It takes just a few minutes to learn the rules before spending some quality, and yes - fun - time with your family. 

Whether you’re playing with a three-year-old who is just starting to recognize letters or a second-grader learning about geography, board games are an ideal way to bring your family together. 

Bringing home a new family board game is also a great way for you to introduce new facts, skills, and ideas to your little one while modeling that it’s important and exciting to try new things. 

So how do you get started? When picking a family board game, consider both the age of your child and their passions. They are more likely to engage in gameplay if it centers around one of their favorite themes like animals, sports, or outer space.

Here is our list of family game recommendations that are easy to learn and sure to get your family game night off to a wonderful start!

Board Games for Families with Preschoolers

Preschoolers are at a critical age for development. Finding an easy-to-learn family board game is an easy way to serve up some fun with a healthy dose of skill building.

Girl playing with memory match board game from skillmatics

Find Memory Match in Skillmatics online shop

Let your child explore the animal kingdom with this memory-strengthening game. There are two ways to play! For beginners, players simply have to remember which animal lives in which habitat and match them. For slightly more advanced play, roll the picture die and match animals to a shared habitat. Not only will little ones become more familiar with animals and their homes, but they’ll also strengthen their observation and memory skills by remembering information they learned earlier in the game.

Girl playing with Piece and Play Floor puzzle in underwater theme

Find Piece & Play in Skillmatics online shop

This 2-in-1 game and puzzle is perfect for game night or an afternoon of play because of its versatility. First, have your child build the puzzle. Then, either have them match the picture on the game card to puzzle or read out the clue so they can listen to what they hear and match it to what they see.

kids passing there boom boom bingo bags to each other

Find Boom Boom Bingo in Skillmatics online shop

A game of speed and matching, Boom Boom Bingo is sure to bring action and laughs to game time. Players will have to beat the timer to match every tile to their bingo board using the pictures or the words, making the game a fun and stimulating way to strengthen vocabulary and early reading skills.

mom passing a card from Guessn  in 10 Junior to her boy.

Find Guess in 10 Junior in Skillmatics online shop

This guessing game is perfect for building logic and reasoning skills in little ones while also feeding their passion for animals. Kids try to figure out which animal is which by asking questions about their habitat, colors, and sounds, strengthening their social and communication skills while they play.

Family Board Games for Elementary Schoolers

Board game for families  and gradeschoolers

Find Scout It Out! Countries in Skillmatics online shop

Another family board game Skillmatics offers is Scout It Out! the perfect activity for junior geographers 7 years old and up. Players simply roll the die, read out the clues, and try to guess which country is featured. The first player to guess five countries wins, and the game comes in both worldwide and United States themes, so your kid can become a buff on both!

Rapid Rumble a Fast category game for family and kids

Find Rapid Rumble in Skillmatics online shop

This fast-paced game is also a fast-learned game, with only five minutes necessary to get started. Players will simply read one of the 120 category cards –– “animal with the letter e in its name,’ for example –– before putting down one of their letter cards. Not only will it sure to get the whole family excited, but Rapid Rumble will also encourage creative thinking and strengthen spelling skills.

Step up your little one’s strategizing skills with this family board game! Action cards move them from stone to stone while they try to outlast their opponent, pushing your little ones to practice problem-solving and decision-making. Healthy competition that comes up during Sinking Stones can also present great opportunities for kids to practice good sportsmanship and other social skills.

Another engaging strategy board game Skillmatics offers is Catch the Crook, great for kids 8 and up. Players can block each others’ turns in pursuit of tokens that will get them closer to solving the mystery. Plus, once the game is learned, it can be played in a bunch of different ways, for something new and exciting each time you play!  

Boy and father enjoying Guess in 10 Animal Planet

Find Guess in 10 Animal Planet in Skillmatics online shop

Introduce your little one to the different cultures of the world with this trivia game all about food! Kids will use critical thinking skills to formulate questions that get them closer to figuring out the food in question, while alternately communicating with others to provide them with clues. This guessing game may even inspire you to whip up your own tasty treats at home!

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