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Guess in 10: Animal Planet | Trivia card game (ages 6+)


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Get ready to play the most exciting game of questions! Ask up to 10 questions to guess the animal on the card. Think hard, ask intelligent questions, use your clue cards wisely & be the first person to win 7 game cards!

A gift for the entire family

Discover a world of fun and laughter with Guess in 10. Play with fun trivia about animals, countries, sports and landmarks around the world. There's a Guess in 10 for everyone!

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There's a Guess in 10 for everyone

Marvel Edition


4.7/5 (24,703 ratings)
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States of America

of America

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Animal Planet Mega Pack

4.7/5 (24,703 ratings)
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Food We Eat

We Eat

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Designed by educators, loved by millions

See the game in action

  • Split into teams or play 1 vs 1
  • Ask 10 smart yes or no questions to guess the card correctly. Use Bonus Questions & Clue Cards for added fun.
  • First player to guess 7 Game Cards wins the game!

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