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We’re excited to have you on board as a part of Skillmatics Partners in Play for our launch of Magical Scratch Art!

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Magical Scratch Art | Amazing Animals (ages 3-8)

Magical Scratch Art | Unicorns & Princesses (ages 3-8)

Magical Scratch Art | World of Dinosaurs (ages 3-8)


Unleash your creativity by scratching the black art paper with a wooden stylus to reveal a colorful world waiting underneath. Add to the magic by creating and adding unique scratch-art stickers of rainbows, stars, castles, and more!

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Amazing Animals

Unicorns & Princesses

World of Dinosaurs

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Skillmatics Magical Scratch Art is not your typical scratch art - your little one will have fun extending the activity with the scratchable stickers!

Consider featuring magical scratch art in content to show the activity is perfect for summer vacations, or those long summer flights or road trips.

Also, great for some independent play while mom or dad get a few things done around the house!