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Our kits advance as your child does, so they can keep learning Learn more

Activity Kits - One time purchase


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Our kits advance as your child does,
so they can keep learning! Learn more

As your child grows, their
kits grow with them.

In our subscription plan the kits are delivered every 2 months.

Each kit builds off of the previous
ones and introduces new core skills.

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What's Inside?

Based on extensive research by educators and child-development experts, the Skillmatics Guide provides tips on how to set up the games and activities, simple ways to reinforce learning outcomes, and ideas for how to extend the play for all the activities in the kit.

  • Curated for your child’s age

    The Learning Kits are curated by educators and child development experts with games, books and activities designed just for where your child is in their learning journey.

  • All you need

    Each Learning Kit includes everything you need to help support your child learn through play! No additional supplies required.

  • Expand the play

    The Skillmatics Guide suggests multiple ways to use every product, expanding your child’s playtime and knowledge!

  • Child safe & sustainable

    All the products in the Learning Kits are safe for both, your child and our planet!