10 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Mom and daughter in Christmas sweater smiling at each other

Some of the best Christmas traditions are those celebrated with our children. Among the many ways to celebrate this year, stockings on Christmas day are a great way to cherish the holidays with our little ones. Filling stockings with small gifts are a great way for children to celebrate and anticipate Christmas day. Consider writing letters to Santa the night before, and leaving out treats for him and the reindeer. Hanging stockings by the fireplace or along stair banisters for children helps everyone get into the holiday spirit. As for stocking stuffers, toys and other activity-based gifts provide more entertainment for your little ones as they head into the new year. 

Here are a couple ideas for child-friendly stocking stuffers and gifts that will create memories of Christmas morning for years to come!  

Dot It!

Skillmatics Dot It girl smiling doing activity

This year, consider gifting a Skillmatics art activity featuring Unicorns & Princesses. This magical activity kit has everything you need to make no-mess sticker art for 3-year-olds & up. With over 500 easy-to-peel stickers, Dot It! helps children creatively practice fine motor skills as they complete eight eye-catching unicorn and princess-themed pictures! There are also options for kids who love animals and dinosaurs.

Art Supplies

Smart art supplies like The Pencil Grip’s Kwik Stix make for high value Holiday gifts.  Kwik Stix paint sticks eliminate messy painting, in favor of easy and portable art supplies. Simply uncap, twist, and let your little one paint to their heart’s content. Kwik Stix also has a fast-drying formula that allows them to dry in 90 seconds while still leaving a paint-like finish. Forget cups, smocks, water, or brushes! Their vibrant colors don’t crack, and can be used on a variety of mediums—poster paper, cardboard, wood, and canvas.

Wooden Toys

Unlike plastic options, wooden and cloth toys offer a more environmentally-friendly option. These toys last longer, are renewable, and biodegrade. This year, ditch plastic and go for this hand-painted range of wooden animals by Tender Leaf Toys. Wrapped in paper and packaged in recycled cardboard, this is a wonderful option for little ones.  

Cozy Socks

Socks within a stocking? Yes, please! While socks may not immediately come to mind as a gift for children,  extra fuzzy ones with prints can be a fun way to engage their current interests. They will suddenly be extra enthusiastic about keeping their feet warm. 

Play Dough

The classic activity-based toy that almost every age loves. Choose from Land of Dough’s quirky range of play dough available in Holiday themes. These kinetic toys  can be reused in a variety of ways, making it both a replicable and sustainable play-time option. This dough is all-natural, compostable, and made with calming essential oils. It also comes in eco-friendly packaging and includes a sustainably sourced wooden shovel made from birch.

Called It!

Mother and two kids playing called it card game by Skillmatics

A Skillmatics card game for ages 5 and up, this one will make you laugh out loud. Called It! trains its players in quick thinking, focus, and lightning-fast reflexes. Who will be the first one to spot and call out the biggest animal? Will you fumble between the fly, mouse, turtle, tiger, and whale, or call it right and win the game? This game’s sturdy, travel-friendly pack also makes it just the right size to slip into a stocking. This game is a great option for playing on Christmas morning, or even after the Holidays—this game can be easily added to your child’s activity rotation, and will be used for years to come!

Special On-Theme Candy

There’s nothing more adorable than Christmas-themed candy. Buy a couple of your favorite shapes to place in your kid’s stockings—like this Rudolph Chocolate Pop from Dylan’s Candy Bar. Candy is the most common stocking stuffer, so be sure to make your choice count. Bonus points if you source these from local candy makers and chocolatiers.

Sticker Packs

Stickers are highly appreciated by little ones - especially those who like journaling, scrapbooking, or getting crafty. The Pipsticks Kids Club offers up themed stickers designed to inspire creativity. Check out their collectible puffy Pipstickers, Scratch ‘n Sniff Pipstickers, and interactive sticker sheets (DIY robots, fish, snow globes, and more). These lovable stocking stuffers are also good for art, collecting, or adding to a sticker book.

Bath Products

All kids have their preference for the aromas and textures of bath products. Cultivate a sense of self-care from a young age with kid-friendly products like shampoo and conditioner from Bubbsi. This eco-friendly brand makes formulas with organic, cold-pressed coconut oil to deliver natural hydration to the delicate skin of your young one. They come in a range of scents suitable for newborns, and they can be refilled once used.

Don’t forget to keep the spirit of Christmas alive by sneaking in the presents under the tree and taking a bite out of the cookies so they know Santa was there. We assure you the little one receiving any of these fantastic presents will find nothing but joy and excitement come Christmas morning!

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