10 Reasons to Have Family Game Night

family of 4 enjoying board game called Sinking Stones

While video games and movie nights can be fun, there’s something to be said for the unique connection to be made with family game night. Even the busiest of families can spare one night every week or month to gather around a board game or have a laugh over charades.

Beyond the fond memories, family game night gives your little one the chance to build communication skills and learn crucial social tools like handling competition, disappointment, collaboration, and excitement.

Reasons why you may want to get a family game night into your family's routine:

1. Create Special Bonds

Children need attention delivered consistently in order to feel loved and secure.

Playing games with your child as a family allows you to enjoy fun moments together. You will find yourself lighting up around each other, and even sharing inside jokes.

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2. Build Communication

The isolation brought on by lockdowns to prevent COVID-19 have left many of us dependent on screens instead of people for company.

Family game night can be the perfect opportunity for your child to connect with you and further develop their social-emotional skills.

Father communicating with his daughter and playing around

3. Set a Growth Mindset

No matter your age, working on something from start to finish makes you feel pride in your accomplishments. This is the thinking behind a growth mindset, an attitude which always looks for opportunities to grow.

In terms of family game night, this could mean learning a new game, and sticking with it even if you fall behind during the first round. 

4. Build Motor Skills

Board games are a great way to develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Using pincer grasp to pick up dice, cards, and other small pieces is a great way to develop these skills in your toddler.

Let your little one make their way around a board game with a token of their own, or encourage them to set up and put away board games.

Giving them a responsibility while also strengthening their skills is a guaranteed win!

5. Boost Strategic Thinking

Beyond the laughs and fun – games offer tons of valuable opportunities to learn and grow. They provide immediate, useful, and friendly feedback. Games help little ones embrace challenges, learn from their mistakes, and build resilience to keep playing. All of these help boost your child’s strategic thinking skills too.

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6. Teach Friendly Competition

Girl winning the game and other players losing the board game

While we all want our kids to do well and experience the joy of winning, losing is equally important.

Teaching your child how to lose gracefully can be accomplished by modeling good behavior like shaking hands and high fiving everyone who played, regardless of the outcome. The minute your child sees you being happy for someone else’s win, they have already learned a valuable social-emotional skill.

7. Encourage Holistic Learning

Make sure you keep family game night interesting by switching up the games you play. Different board games use principles like vocabulary, math, and problem solving, or even a combination of two or three of these skills.

Watch your little one giggle over game night, and then excel in the classroom as they translate the tools they gather into everyday activities.

Involving them in the pre-game night activities, like planning an irresistible snacks menu, can also be a fun and easy way for your child to learn and try new things.

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8. Make Memories

Family game night is a great way to set aside the tensions of the week, plus, spending time with family is an added stress reliever. Simply enjoying each other’s company will improve family relationships and allow for the formation of long-lasting memories.

Whether you’re learning the rules of a new board game together, feeling the thrill of a rapid fire round, or laughing as someone stumbles through a turn, game nights lead to happy memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

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9. Teach Good Behaviors

Over the course of a couple of rounds, games show the importance of following the rules, waiting your turn, being honest, and thinking outside the box.

Your child picks up on these good behaviors at lightning speed when you model them, which is why regular family game nights improve not only your little one’s skills but their manners, too! 

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10. A Framework for Fun!

As much as parenthood is a responsibility, it's also about providing joy and good times for your kid.

Family game night allows you to pause the business of daily life and allows your family to bond together through a shared activity. By choosing games, you can all enjoy, you are sure to have a blast!