3 Valentine’s Day traditions to start with your family

A child’s first love is their family! Build strong connections with your little ones by spending quality time together to prepare for Valentine’s Day fun! Make the celebration memorable by starting some new family traditions for Valentine's Day that you’ll look forward to for years to come.

Mom and daughter doing valentine

We've prepared an activity pack for you to download that includes a variety of ideas for Valentine's Day traditions. Download and print the pages you want to use. There are three different sections.

What’s inside this Valentine's Day printable?

Tradition #1: Valentine’s Family DIY

1. Valentine’s wrapping paper: Craft adorable, heart-stamped wrapping paper with your little one, and follow our steps to teach them how to perfect their wrapping skills   

2. Valentine’s rock painting: Use Skillmatics Rock Painting kit to make cute keepsakes for your Valentine!

Tradition #2: Valentine’s Family game night

1. Valentine’s scavenger hunt: Set a timer and rush to check off all items on the scavenger hunt list.

2. Valentine’s danger word: Split into teams and enact the word on the card. Get a red X if your team guesses the danger word!

Tradition #3: Craft a Valentine

Print and fold a heart-shaped Valentine’s card. This an easy craft that requires only scissors and the included card template. Help your little one write a sweet message to a loved one. (Print as many copies as you like!)

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