8 Easter Gift Ideas for Children

8 Easter Gift Ideas for Children

Personalize Your Basket

1. Customized Daisy Sunglasses (Age: 2-7 year olds)

Arriving just as spring bursts into bloom, Easter Sunday, in part, celebrates the re-emergence of life after the long and dark winter.

While children gear up to go on Easter hunts in the neighborhood, parents can start writing out lists of innovative Easter basket stuffing ideas. Over the years, Easter baskets have evolved to not only carry traditional gifts of painted eggs, but also fun treats to help celebrate spring. 
To make the holiday a memorable and enjoyable experience for kids, parents can personalize Easter baskets with gifts that not only make their little one beam with delight but also encourage them to put their thinking cap on.

To help you find unique and exciting Easter basket stuffers, we’ve curated a list of fun learning kits and games that are certain to make Easter special and unforgettable for your little one. 

Make Learning Fun

2. Found It (Age: 4-7 year olds)

Found It game not only makes for a great Easter basket stuffer, but also an enjoyable Easter party activity! The game has a range of editions – from the indoor edition to the travel and animal edition – and can be played at home or on the go. This card game helps children be more observant of their surroundings, learn how to use descriptive words to define objects around them, and engage with their environment while having fun!

Found It is a great replacement to screens: while the latter leads to “tunnel vision,” this game expands children’s horizons and encourages them to be explorers of the world.

3. Guess in 10 (Age: 6+ year olds)

There is little else that gives as much joy to a child as tearing open wrapping paper to find a shiny new board game calling out to them. Small enough to fit in an Easter basket, Guess in 10 game is an exploration of the big world that awaits kids. It is a family-friendly game that gives the players clues directing them towards a certain object, person, place, animal etc. (based on the edition of the game selected.) 

The game also has a junior version that is ideal for kids who are yet to learn how to read. 

4. Skillmatics Learning Kits (Age: 3-4 year olds)

Open up one of these learning kits and use its contents as Easter basket stuffers. It’s trueit has all you need in one box for your easter basketEach kit includes 3 repeatable and tactile games, 8 write and wipe activities, an original story book, and a parental guide on learning tips and how these games can be optimally played. 

Suitable for younger kids, this learning kit is sure to keep them busy through the summer, as they grow to be smart, confident, and happy preschoolers.

Encourage Spending Time Outdoors

5. Play Day Bubble Leaf Blower (Age: 2+ year olds)

Start your Easter celebrations by pulling out this bubble gun! There is something about bubbles that make children’s (and even adult’s) eyes sparkle. Give them the power to create the magic of bubbles with a bubble maker in the shape of a leaf blower. 

Encourage children to embrace the outdoors and make friends with their neighbors and classmates by sharing the whimsical power of bubbles! 

6. Garden Seed Kit (Age: 4+ year olds)

One of the most enchanting aspects of the great outdoors is plants. Introduce your child to a lifetime of connection to nature and a love of healthy food  with this Garden Seed Kit that will develop their green thumb and help them witness the magic of growth! 

The kit includes vegetable and flower seeds both of which do not require excessive care ideal for beginners. A sign of new life and a reminder to support growth, this kit is an ideal gift for Easter.

Make Reading a Passion

7. Everything Spring (Picture the Seasons) (Age: 4-7 year olds)

This book explores how the world blooms during spring and Easter time. It shares stories of chicks, bunnies, and other baby animals and how spring marks the start of their lives. The author, Jill Esbaum uses photographs to tell the beautiful story of how the world changes color during springtime - encouraging children to spend time outdoors.

This National Geographic Kids book is full of bright colors and stunning photography that make it a cherished part of any gift basket, bookshelf, or bedside table.

8. Junie B. Jones: Dumb Bunny (Age: 6-9 year olds)

The Junie B. Jones series is a must-have to bring some fun to your child’s bookshelf! The stories are humorous, relatable, thrilling, and follow the adventurous Junie B. Jones through various silly situations . In Dumb Bunny, for example, she wears a bunny suit and competes with other kids in an Easter egg hunt to win a coveted experience in a mansion! 

This book is sure to ignite the bookworm in any child - once they read this one there will be no stopping them from reading the entire series. Easter-themed, light, and funny, this book is an incomparable Easter basket stuffer!
For more inspiration and tips on how to encourage a love of reading from an early age, visit our article about the importance of preschool reading here

While this is a great list to refer to while thinking of what to buy as Easter gifts, we also have an article on DIY Easter gift ideas! No matter what you decide to give, however, the special ingredients to a happy Easter are spending quality time together, making memories, and sharing smiles!

Happy Easter!

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