Best Learning Gifts for Three Year Olds

Three year olds grow and learn in new ways every day, and educational toys are the perfect way to spark a little one’s interest. You’ll notice they may want to play with the same toy or read the same book on repeat. That’s because each time a child repeats the activity, they are learning at a deeper level as they begin to understand new concepts. 

Toys and board games that encourage role-playing and group interaction nurture three to five year olds' developing social emotional skills. It’s also a great time to introduce a little one to their first board and card games. Through these types of experiences they’ll learn about winning and losing gracefully as they develop patience and grow in confidence.

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Here are a few age-appropriate toys for three year olds designed by Skillmatics’ expert team of educators. These games were developed to keep a child engaged during this crucial stage of development.  

Memory Match

Two girls playing memory match

Little ones have a wonderful fascination for the animal kingdom. Teach them to identify animals by their similarities and differences with this fun game, perfect for solo or group play. Match tiles to the picture boards or roll the special picture die and match animals to the habitats they belong to. With two fun ways to play, this game grows with your child and builds observational, memory and spatial reasoning skills. A great gift for an animal lover. 

Boom Boom Bingo!

Boy playing Boom bom bingo and the box kept on the table

Boom Boom Bingo! is an exciting game of matching and speed - be the first player to correctly match all the tiles to your board to win the game. Introduce your little one to a game of Numbers & Counting. Play with Words & Vocabulary to build your little one’s power of expression. Or match all the Animals on the Bingo board to win. This is a game that your child will love for years to come. Help them build observation, focus and attention. This gameplay also allows tiny tots to develop their fine motor skills, mental processing and communication capabilities. Seek and shout before the time runs out.

Guess in 10 Junior

Girl holding a Guess in 10 Junior card playing

card game designed for the littlest players with no reading required! Use the Guider Tiles to ask up to 10 questions to guess the animal on the game card, like: “Where does the animal live?” “Does the animal have four legs?” “What does the animal eat?” Watch your child get creative with questions as they grow their social and communication skills. This game also encourages problem solving and decision making.

Found It!

Found It! is a scavenger hunt with a twist. Help your child learn measurements, counting and opposites as they ‘Search & Find.’ Instead of a search list, this game comes with prompts like can you find.."Something with a pattern?” “Something smaller than your palm?” and much more. The key learning outcomes of this game include phonological awareness and social emotional development. Found It! is typically for children ages 4 to 7, but the game can be geared toward younger kids with a little help modifying the prompts from a parent.  

Search and Find

The write and wipe mats in this pack come with a variety of 'Search & Find' activities. Perfect for keeping your little one entertained for hours on end, this game is an opportunity for your child to build their vocabulary, sharpen their observation skills and discover amazing places from the jungle to outer space! Designed by our experts to be repeatable to allow your young one to internalize new ideas and concepts. This seemingly simple activity helps sharpen their logical reasoning and observation skills. It also builds focus and communication skills along the way.  

Give the gift of learning

Help a preschooler build on their curiosity with a Skillmatics subscription. Easy to play games that require no assembly, the Skillmatics subscription is the perfect gift for busy parents. Simply sign them up to get a new age-appropriate kit shipped every 2 months. A curated selection of activities and games will entice your little one to play and learn.

Explore Skillmatics selection of games and activities to find the perfect gift for the little one in your life.

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