Egg-cellent DIYs for Easter 2023

The spring season brings plenty of inspiration for your little artist. From masterpieces featuring fluffy bunnies and chicks to creatively painted Easter eggs - the possibilities are endless! Our Skillmatics team of educators is sharing a list of DIY’s along with free printables to spark your little one’s creativity!

DIY Easter Bunny Basket

Your little one can practice their cutting and folding skills to make an adorable bunny basket with this template:

Step-by-step guide to make your own Bunny Basket :

a. Print the sheets out and cut out the basket stencil

b. Cut along the lines with a pair of safety scissors.

c. Fold each edge carefully and add glue to finish your Bunny Basket.

d. Place feathers, fake eggs, candies and more and place these around the house!

Easter Bunny Basket DIY

Easter Egg Characters

Use our cutouts to decorate your eggs as quirky characters.

a. Print the free printable below.

b. Cut out the paper strips and other elements.

c. Use some glue to stick them onto hard boiled eggs and place them around the house as cute Easter decor!

Easter egg decoration for kids
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