Halloween Special Boo Basket for Kids

Found it Indoor game by Skillmatics kept next to orange colored pumpkins

As August rolls into September, it seems everyone is eager to get into the autumnal spirit. Pumpkin spice is popping up in every food and drink, skeletons are sneaking their way onto store shelves, and kids aren’t hesitant to start planning their Halloween costumes. 

To get your little one even more excited about the falling leaves, sweet treats, and creepy costumes, try making them a Boo Basket!

To get started, find a basket –– you can reuse a bucket you’d take to the beach, or fill up these cute pumpkin ones! The size of the basket can vary, too, depending on how many treats you want to include. Maybe you want to do a mini basket every week leading up to All Hallows’ Eve, or one big one right at the start of the month to give your little one a chance to enjoy it throughout September and October!

Next, comes the fun part: picking out what you want to include in your Boo Basket! Try taking into account everything from the weather to your child’s favorite desserts to their reading skills to make a basket they are sure to love! Here are some ideas to get you started


A hilarious Halloween classic, Room on the Broom is sure to make your little one laugh and fall in love with the witch and her friends –– maybe they’ll be inspired to design their own broom to make room for all of their friends! Another great Halloween book –– especially for little ones with green thumbs and an interest in the changing seasons –– is Pumpkin Shivaree! If you make your Boo Basket earlier in the fall, this book will be great for helping your kid start to notice the changing autumn environment and how pumpkins grow each year.


As the summer weather gives way to cooler fall days, it might start to get too cold to enjoy picnics and scavenger hunts outside.

Don’t worry, though, Found It! Indoors Edition is a great way for little ones to have screen-free fun inside. Easy to understand while still engaging, Found It! is sure to keep your child entertained and learning inside, as they use observational and logical reasoning skills to locate objects around the house.

Not to mention the Jack-O-Lantern on the front matches perfectly with the Halloween theme of the Boo Basket!

Found it Indoor game by Skillmatics kept inside a halloween themed basket


The hallmark of Halloween is, of course, trick-or-treating on October 31st. Keep your little one safe and teach good pedestrian and neighborhood safety practices by including a flashlight in their Boo Basket. Get creative by throwing in some fun autumn themed stickers to decorate their flashlight, or encourage them to paint it to match their Halloween costume so they can bring it with them and stay safe on the special night!

Baked Goods

Halloween is known for its candy, but there are tons of other sweet treats to make throughout the season. One delicious fall dessert to make are these pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - you can even add a little sugar pumpkin on top to decorate. Another delicious autumnal treat is this yummy apple crisp –– for extra apple adventure, see if you can find an apple orchard and go picking before you make the crisp!

Put all of these fun and sweet treats together, and your Boo Basket is sure to be scarily good! 

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