Kids Halloween Parties: Throw a Boo-tiful Bash for ages 4+

There are endless ways to add tricks and treats to your Halloween party to make it the most spook-tacular event of the year. Gather your little one’s friends together for a costume extravaganza with a list of party games they’ll love.

Indoor Options

1.  Pop the Pumpkin: Get some orange-colored balloons and fill them with Halloween treats and goodies. Blow them up and tie them with a string. You can also add some green cut-outs for leaves to give the balloons an authentic pumpkin-like feel. Lay the balloons on the floor and let the madness begin! 

2. Found it! Indoor Edition: It’s a scavenger hunt complete with Halloween vibes. Kids will use their problem solving and creative thinking skills as they search for objects that answer the prompts, such as “Can you find… something that rhymes with cat? Something smaller than your palm?” etc. For added fun you can encourage them to find the objects in your Halloween decor! Players will shout "Found It!" as soon as they get their hands on the object! The first one to win seven cards wins the game. We’ve created a free Halloween-themed version to take outside as your children search for spooky objects in your neighborhood’s decor.

two children holding found it indoor box

3. Rapid Rumble: This fast paced favorite will set the pace for the night. Gather the teams and ask them to name objects from the category that is called out. To add a special Halloween-themed spirit to the game, you can make it trickier by asking the children to name objects related to Halloween.

A girl playing rapid rumble leaning on the table

4. Mummy Making: Create teams of four with a person designated to become “the mummy,” by wrapping them head to toe in toilet paper. As the toilet paper unrolls, so will the laughter. And of course, the first team to mummify their teammate wins!

5. Train of Thought : Discovering more about the people close to you is an experience that contains some surprises. So, here’s a thought-provoking but wholesome game to play with friends. Get to know each other on the spookiest night of the year and form bonds that last a lifetime. 

two girls playing train of thought sitting on a sofa

6. Pumpkin Decorating Contest: If you’re ok with things getting a little messy, your party-goers will delight in a pumpkin art activity. Gift each attendee a pumpkin and provide plenty of paint, stickers and glitter as they create their masterpieces. Have your guests vote for the best pumpkin art with a prize for the winner.

Let’s Take the Fun Outside

1. Ring the Witch Hat: Charm your young guests with a ring toss to remember. Place witch hats erratically in your yard to form targets for the kids. Using paper plates, cut out the middle part and retain the outer circle to create the ring they can throw at their targets. To add some magic, place treats under the hats as rewards with rules. For example, the guest who lands three rings on a witches hat earns the treats.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe Pumpkins: On a large table outside, trace the squares for tic-tac-toe with a colored tape or a marker. Take some tiny pumpkins and paint them with X’s and O’s. Use these to play a Halloween-themed game of tic-tac-toe by dividing the children into two teams. It’s a repetitive and fun exercise that never gets old!

3. Mummy Race: Combine the indoor activity with outdoor madness. The teams from the mummy-making game can then participate in a mummy relay race to cross the finish line to a bag of Halloween goodies. To add some excitement, you can also litter the course with spider webs or cardboard ghosts that the mummies have to navigate through.

4. Broomstick Shuffle: Simply decorate the handles of two broomsticks with some sparkly ribbons to add a little magic, and pair each with a mini pumpkin. Partygoers will be split into two teams, lined up at the starting line. Invite them to take turns sweeping their pumpkin to a designated spot and back before their next teammate in line takes a turn in this spooky relay race! The first team to successfully have each player complete their witches ride wins.  

5.  Putting for Pumpkins: Carve some medium to large size pumpkins and place them around your yard for your own mini golf course. You can even throw in some tricks with ghost or black cat decor as obstacles on the course. Supply some putters and golf balls and your party will be one to remember! You’ll just want to make sure each pumpkin has a large mouth at its base so your partygoers can easily sink their putts.

Let this Halloween season be filled with the spookiest, and the most entertaining tricks and treats for your little ones to enjoy. Skillmatics, with our collection of educational and super fun games is here to support you in having a Halloween to remember.

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