New! Card Games for Kids That Parents Should Know About

As kids, we all loved playing games with our family and friends. However, in today's world, with the rise of digital entertainment, traditional card games have taken a backseat. But, did you know that card games can be incredibly beneficial for children? We have five card games for kids to introduce to you, and each one is a great addition to any family game night.

Kids playing Rapid Rumble by Skillmatics

Why Card Games For Kids Are Important

Card games build social skills. They require players to interact with each other, which helps children practice communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. While strategy games on tablets and other screens also challenge kids, and may even teach pro-social skills like cooperation, they don’t require the verbalization that playing card games with another human does.

Card games are also great for improving cognitive skills in kids. Many card games require children to use their memory, concentration, and critical thinking skills, which can help improve their overall cognitive abilities. For example, games like "Memory Match" require children to remember where certain cards are placed, which helps improve their memory skills. (Okay, Memory Match might be more of a board game, but it also uses cards!)

Girl playing animal memory game on a table

At Skillmatics, our educators design games that inspire communication and subject matter learning at the same time, making them the perfect addition to a collection of family board games. These card games are portable; they’re the ones we grab to bring on trips or even to restaurants!

5 Kid-Friendly Card Games

1. Guess in 10 Junior: Animal Kingdom: A treat for little ones who love animals, this game introduces a variety of creatures and their habitats, while also supporting the development of memory and concentration skills. For kids 3 and up, Guess in 10 Junior Animal Kingdom is a collaborative activity and doesn’t require a defensive gameplay strategy.

2. Guess in 10 Marvel -  Similar to Guess in 10 Junior, superhero fans will love this trivia game that challenges their knowledge about the Marvel Universe.

3. Crab Clash - For kids 7 and up, this card game introduces funny crab characters with particular attributes. Use strategic thinking to decide when to use your Power Cards and beat your opponent!  

4. Rapid Rumble - Category cards and letter cards dictate the challenge, inviting players to wrack their brains for answers. Think fast!

Pick up a few of these unique card games for kids and invite your child to try something new. Bring the games outdoors or to a different room in the house to increase the novelty if you are struggling to attract them with a screen-free activity.

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