Outdoor Games for Kids, Families, and Backyard Parties

Bringing family games outdoors is a great way to spend time with your loved ones while enjoying the fresh air and longer days of the warmer months. We’ve got some ideas for outdoor family games that not only promote physical activity but also provide an opportunity to bond with family members and strengthen relationships

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Outdoor family games in the backyard

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Outdoor Fun at a Backyard Party

Outdoor games for kids generally require movement, which helps children develop their motor skills. Adding gameplay to a party helps create shared experiences and memories that can last a lifetime. Read on for some of our favorite outdoor games.

Outdoor Games for Families

Seek & Splash

Girl playing outdoors in the pool

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If you find yourself poolside this summer what better way to spend the day splashing around than fitting in some gameplay? Children will be prompted with waterproof cards to dive for gems in the pool. The first one back to the surface with the correct gem gets a point! Seek & Splash will ensure that you and your loved ones have the most memorable moments at the pool this summer.  

Rapid Rumble Outdoor

Kids running outdoors and laughing while playing

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Our team of educators and play experts took the concept of our popular Rapid Rumble outside to create Rapid Rumble Outdoor. In this new twist on tag, the person who is “it” will shout out a prompt from the game cards - like “things you carry to the beach.” To be kept safe - the other players must shout out an answer like “towel,” or run as fast as they can. Otherwise, they can be tagged and lose a wristband! The player with the most wristbands at the end of the game wins.

Strike 7

Strike 7 is a fun take on dodgeball. You’ll just want to hit the tower of blocks with a ball before rebuilding the tower. As you try to build the tower you must dodge your opponent's attempts of trying to hit you with the ball! The first team to score 7 points wins the game! 

Outdoor Games for Toddlers

Our popular Seek & Splash comes in just the right size for toddlers with Seek & Splash Junior. Take it outside for some fun splashing around in a kiddie pool or water table. Little ones will delight in finding the gems that match the waterproof cards. Let’s Fish is another winner to fill an afternoon with water play. Simply drop all of the fish into the water and give nets to your children. Call out a color of a fish or a number and color combination, “Can you find two orange fish and one blue fish?” for your little ones to challenge themselves to collect the fish as fast as possible.  

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