Preschool Activities to Keep Your Child Engaged During Spring

Preschool Activities to Keep Your Child Engaged During Spring

Spring has sprung, and the season of learning, outdoors, and fun has come!

After a cold winter, spring brings warmth and life back into the world! Seeds take root and flowers bloom; animals emerge from their homes and look forward to warmer temperatures; dragonflies, butterflies, and ladybirds flutter on the green grass; trees wear their green coats again, birds chirp, and daylight stays longer. 

Spring also brings lots of learning, especially for little ones who are witnessing the change around them for the first time. The temperature is perfect –– not too warm or cold –– and the outdoors are easily accessible, thus making spring a great time to go out with kids and make learning fun!

The following are 15 fun spring activities that will help your preschoolers make the most of the season:

Spring outdoor activities

“April showers bring May flowers,” so here are five spring indoor activities to try out on a rainy day!

1. Themed Parties

Throw a themed party for your little one! Doing so can be a good opportunity for them to interact and have a good time, and  you can work together to choose a theme. A flower-themed party, color-themed party or one where everyone dresses as a poet, a writer, or a vegetable are all engaging and silly ideas that are sure to leave your child with lots of giggles and cherished memories.

2. Indoor Games

Indoor games are always fun, and are made even more so by including your little one! Introducing your child to indoor games like chess, playing cards, and Uno can be something new that sharpens your child’s skills. Guess in 10 by Skillmatics is another exciting guessing game for kids that also helps them child build key skills like creative thinking, logical reasoning, communication, word recognition and association, problem-solving, and much more.

3. Arts and Crafts

Make things with your child. Cards, birdhouses, DIY pencil stands, Bubble making solutions, candles. Make things out of paper mache, recycled plastic, and house waste. Paint canvases, papers, seashells, walls, and doors. Paint with brushes, sticks, toothbrushes, vegetables, hands, strings, and straws. The sky's the limit. Let your child’s creative juices flow.

4. Movie Night

Choose an age-appropriate movie to watch with your child. Make it more exciting by turning your home into a movie theater, and making your own theater tickets. After the movie ends you may also discuss the movie with your child and ask them what they liked and disliked about the film.

5. Building Blocks

Building Blocks is another fun game that can be very crucial to your child’s fine motor skill development. Encourage them to build creative structures using these blocks and challenge them to make it unique and unlike one they’ve ever seen before.

Spring Learning Activities

Play is best when it is combined with learning. To ensure you make the most of spring , make learning fun for your child! Here are some tips!

1. Printables and Worksheets

Printables and worksheets are great for quick learning because they help your child improve language skills, understand shapes, numbers, animals, objects and colors, and other basic preschool skills. Skillmatics’ learning kits come with worksheets that are especially curated for your child based on their age and skill-levels.

2. Mental Arithmetic

Introduce your child to the concept of mental math. Teach them about numbers with beads, spoons, apples or other objects around them, and gradually ask them to do the same in their mind. This will promote learning abilities and help them think on their toes.

3. Read and Write

Make reading and writing fun. While reading to your child you can act out  the characters and storylines from the book. Read them a story, and then ask them to write the same one in their own words to improve their reading and writing skills. Preschool writing skills are extremely important in building creativity, communication skills, and sparking their imagination, and sharing in the learning experience with your child can bring you closer, too!

4. Subscription Boxes

There are a number of subscription boxes that Skillmatics has carefully crafted for children - based on the season, age, and skill sets. They come with a whole set of learning kits and tools that open up a whole new world for your little one. These boxes can be a game-changer in the way your child learns and grows.

Growth is incredibly significant in childhood: it builds the foundation of what is yet to come. In other words, it is the spring of one’s lifetime - so help your child make the most of it!

Happy Spring!

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