Get Your Cape On : Exciting Ways to Celebrate Superhero Day

Child doing worksheets wearing superhero mask

It is extremely important for children to have good role models. Combined with the fact that they learn best through relatable content, superheroes are a great place to start. 

Superheroes are great examples of honesty, integrity and compassion. They also show qualities like selflessness, impartiality and the reality of having to make sacrifices for the greater good. 

This is why these superhero printables are a great way to get your child acquainted with the virtues of each superhero through fun worksheets, while giving them the opportunity to learn these values themselves:

Activities to do on Superhero day :

Color Your Superhero:

Superheroes have many qualities. Build observation and vocabulary by helping your child spot the given words, color as directed and learn the virtues of a hero at the same time. 

Community Superheroes :

While we often just focus on the superheroes we see in books and on TV, the real superheroes are a community’s essential workers. It is important for children to learn about and respect essential workers and appreciate what they do for the community.

DIY Superhero Card :

Make your own Superhero card with this template and encourage your child's imagination.
Pretend play is a great way to inspire children to be imaginative and creative. If your child loves skill-building with their favorite superheroes, try out our card game, Guess in 10 Marvel.

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