The Ultimate Unicorns & Princesses Activity Book

Unicorn & Princess printables

Unleash a world of magic, adventure, and creativity with our latest activity book designed for kids ages 3-6.

What you'll need

  1. Glue

  2. Scissors

  3. Pencil 

  4. Crayons 

  5. Ribbons

  6. Paint

  7. Marker 

  8. Die

What's inside?

  1. Draw a Unicorn: Learn to draw a unicorn in 6 simple steps

  2. Princess Dress Symmetry: Use some paint to see the magical science of symmetry on a princess gown

  3. Princess Tiara: Use glitter, sequins or even crayons to decorate your own paper tiara  

  4. Roll a Unicorn: Build a unicorn from scratch by rolling the die for each body part and choosing the right ones

  5. Unicorn Finger Puppet: Narrate a creative unicorn story with this fun unicorn finger puppet

Use this booklet for a day full of relaxed indoor activities or even a birthday party. Teach your kids the values of teamwork and patience while creating magical artwork. 

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