The Top 5 Preschool Graduation Gifts for a Summer of Learning

Our Director of Social & Content Marketing and mom of two Leslie Dyste shares her top preschool graduation gift ideas.

One of the many parenting milestones you’ll reach as your little one grows is preschool graduation, which may leave you in a last-minute scramble for preschool graduation gifts. This wasn’t something on my radar before we received the school invite because let’s be real - was preschool graduation a thing when we were kids? But I’m always on board for a celebration and I must admit this was an emotional milestone as my older son took the next step toward official Big Kid status. 

The best part about preschool graduation - your little one won’t have set expectations of what this should look like, so it’s easy to keep things simple. We celebrated with my son by bringing a few small wrapped gifts to dinner out ahead of a family game night in (of course with plenty of treats to mark the occasion). 

Here’s my list of Skillmatics preschool graduation gifts that will keep your favorite little one learning and growing over the summer:

Piece and Play

Girl playing with floor puzzle game Piece & Play

A giant floor puzzle and a game - all in one! Little ones will assemble the 48-piece puzzle to learn all about underwater life, space exploration, or construction sites. It’s more than just a puzzle. Once assembled, search-and-find game cards allow for two ways of play - either spot the objects, or for more advanced play, little ones can guess the animals as parents read off clues from the cards. As an added bonus - Piece and Play is a hit with big kids too, so siblings can enjoy this gift together!  

Search & Find

Mom and kid doing fun learning activities with Search & Find By Skillmatics

These activity mats are not only fun for little ones but also enhance observation and logical reasoning skills. Children love searching for objects and circling them on the write-and-wipe mats, which appeal to children with themes from jungle adventures to outer space.

Dot It!

Girl playing with Dot It!

With more than 500 stickers little ones will use their fine motor skills and imagination to complete eight themed pictures. You can pick from passion topics including animals, dinosaurs, unicorns and princesses, and dress up. Dot It! is also a lifesaver to throw in your bag during those long summer road trips or flights!  

Sight Word Flash Cards

Sight Words are a main staple of the kindergarten curriculum. Get your little one started early with Sight Word Flash Cards. Packed with 500 words perfect for kids in Preschool up to Third Grade, this set of flashcards is a great learning resource for young readers to improve their reading skills. You can also use the reading charts and six unique games as your child learns. The deck includes more than 80% of the words found in children's books and all the words from the Dolch and Fry word lists.

Seek and Splash Junior

Pool game for kids ages 3 + for summer fun.

It wouldn’t be summer break without some fun in the sun. Scatter the colored gems in a splash pad or kiddie pool, then hold up the waterproof game cards as your child searches for the corresponding gems. It’s a win-win as I’ve had many afternoons relaxing in the sun while my boys enjoy endless water play

Leslie Dyste is the Director of Social and Content Marketing at Skillmatics. Leslie lives in the Bay Area, with her husband and two young boys. Both boys agree mom has the “fun job” as they take their roles of product testers very seriously.  

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