Winter Printables for ages 3+

Girl in sweater writing

It’s the best time of year to get cozy inside with your loved ones, bonding over things you can do together. This winter, create some “indoor” snow days for your little ones with seasonal printables. Build a snowman from scratch with just some paper and glue, design your own snowflake with fun and easy instructions and more!

What's inside?

1. Make your own snowflake: Help your child work on their logical reasoning by creating a beautiful snowflake based on the concept of symmetry.

2. Build a snowman: Improve your child's fine motor skills by guiding them to create a snowman with cutouts designed by our play experts. 

3. Trace the hat: Guide your little one to trace the patterns on the winter hat and fill it with colors.

4. I spy snowflakes: Learn to count and improve observation skills with the help of this challenging on-theme I Spy activity.

5. Solve the maze: Help your child use logical reasoning to get out of the maze successfully. 

6. Cocoa Cup coloring: Teach your little one basic colors and help them finish the activity with their favorite colored pens.

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