6 Reasons why toddler moms
love Skillmatics Flash Cards!

6 Reasons why toddler
moms love Skillmatics
Flash Cards!

  • 1. They are tear-resistant

    The flash cards are made of a thick cardboard that allow for long-lasting use. The cards are sturdy and very durable for toddlers.

  • 2. Realistic Imagery

    The Flash Cards have realistic imagery that allows children to learn effectively. Perfect for Montessori educators.

  • 3. Perfectly designed for small hands

    Our cards are 5.4 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide making them easy to hold. Bright, colorful designs to aid visual development with easy to read large fonts.

  • 4. Includes a learning guide with activities

    Children learn best through play so each set of Flash Cards comes with an activity guide featuring sorting games and activities to bring the learning to life.

  • 5. Early Reading Tool

    Skillmatics flash cards provide an opportunity to identify letters, site words, and build vocabulary to develop early reading skills. Working with flash cards is a proven way to improve memory and retention of knowledge.

  • 5. Perfect gift for toddlers

    Flash Cards are an ideal gift to give curious toddlers who are eager to learn about the world around them. Check out our 4 popular themes below!

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