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Found It! Outdoor Edition | Smart scavenger hunt (ages 4-7)

Found It! Outdoor Edition | Smart scavenger hunt (ages 4-7)

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Found it! is an exciting game that helps children learn as they go on the most exciting ‘Search & Find’ with prompts like Can you find…"Something that is heavier than a leaf? Something round?” etc.! Players must shout "FOUND IT!" as soon as they get their hands on the object! The first one to win 7 cards wins the game!

Product Details

What's included in the package?

    50 Game Cards
    1 Mess-free Case

What will my child learn?

    Phonological Awareness
    Measurements & Opposites
    Numbers and Counting
    Color Recognition and Mixing
    Comparative Adjectives
    Shapes & Spatial Relationships
    Rhyming Words

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