3 New Swimming Pool Games for Kids

pool games for kids

Pool games and competitions are some of the best childhood memories. “Marco Polo” and others are fun traditions to teach our children and pass down. (Did anyone else play “Colors” in the pool?)

For this summer, we’ve taken pool games to a new level! We’ve designed some easy-to-learn games that pump up the fun in the water, whether you’re in a backyard pool or taking a vacation at a hotel or grandparent’s house. (Hint: Send these ideas to grandparents who have a pool!)

Introducing Three Fun Pool Games

1. Seek & Splash

pool game for kids ages 6+

Seek & Splash is an action-packed underwater diving game. Players will remember what is on the waterproof card (the game comes with 35 cards), dive into the pool to find the gems (64 gems in the box) and be the first to the surface to win a point. Swim and search as fast as you can to be the first to win five points! 

2. Seek and Splash Jr.

Pool game for toddlers ages 3 to 6

Poolside fun isn’t just for the big kids! That’s why our play experts created Seek & Splash Junior. Toddlers will love spending the afternoon in a splash pad or kiddie pool as they search for gems to match the card. As they play, they will be working on colors, shapes and strengthening their memory. The best part - mom, dad or grandparents can relax in the sun while the little ones have a blast burning off some energy!

3. Let's Fish


Toddlers and water play are the perfect match. Little ones will love catching our 16 fish from Let’s Fish in nets. There are multiple ways to play and parents can adjust the game play based on their little one’s developmental stage. For example, everyone can race to get one color fish. Let’s Fish can also be played with specific prompts like counting, sequencing and creating patterns.

More Gift Ideas for Summer Birthdays

These easy-to-store, easy-to-wrap pool games are fantastic summer birthday gifts. They can also be fuel for a fun birthday pool party. 

For a gift, consider pairing one of the pool games with an indoor game the whole family can enjoy after a day of fun in the sun, like one of our Guess in 10 games.

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