5 Superhero Games for 8 Year Olds

two kids playing Guess in 10 marvel edition

Kids love to pretend that they are superheroes with special powers. It makes them feel special and unique as they explore their identity. This pretend play also builds your child’s understanding of emotion, which helps them regulate their feelings.

When it comes to your kids, always remember: pretend play and healthy emotional development go hand in hand. A child should be free to let their imagination run wild, and safe to express their imaginings, without fear of ridicule or judgment. This is the best way to foster an open line of communication with your child. 

Superheroes are portrayed as having a great positive impact on the world around them. 

  • They act as role models for kids of all ages

  • They build a child’s confidence in themselves

  • They encourage a compassionate outlook on life 

Here are 5 Superhero games you can organize for your next party - ideal for ages 8 and up! 

1. Daredevil

For this game from Play Party Plan you’ll need:

-A piece of poster board or cardboard

-Wrapped candy that can glide across a table

-A blindfold

-A medium size bowl or cup

How to play: 

Tape the cardboard or poster board to the other side of the table so it creates a ramp from the table edge to a bowl/cup on the floor. The player - blindfolded - will have one minute to roll the treats over the edge of the ramp, trying to get one to land in the cup. The winner gets whatever lands in the cup.

2. Perfect Villain

From this game from The Dad you’ll need: 

-Paper or cardboard

-Crayons, markers, any other craft supplies you like

How to play: 

Ask the kids to imagine their very own arch-nemesis villain, and draw them with the crayons and paper. What would they look like? What kind of powers would they have? What kind of costume would help them take over the world? Let them take turns telling the other superheroes in attendance all about their nemesis/villain and what makes them so evil. 

3. Skillmatics Guess in 10 Marvel

girl playing guess in 10 marvel

This exciting card game invites you to guess your favorite superheroes in 10 questions or less. Perfect for superhero parties when paired with a . How well do you know your heroes?

This is the perfect addition to superhero themed game nights, and is also travel friendly. Gift it to a Marvel fan, and watch the whole family thank you for the power-packed fun.

They can also be used for pretend play. Tell the card holder they aren't allowed to answer the questions in words, but must act them out like charades instead. Don't be afraid to switch up the rules!

Psst: This game also won awards from both NAPPA and the Toy Insider.

4. Captain America

For this game from First Cry Parenting, you will need:

-Paper plates (preferably red, blue, or white)

-A box or basket (try using blue or red)

-Duct tape

How to play:

Tape a mark on the ground about 20 feet away from your box or basket. Set a timer for a minute. Each player must stand behind this line, and try to toss the paper plate shields into the basket. The one who lands the most number of shields in the basket in a minute wins the title of Captain America.

5.Super Hero Training Challenge

For this game from Coolest Kid Birthdays you’ll need: 

-Items from around your home to use as obstacles

-Painter’s Tape

Place two pieces of tape on the ground. One as a starting line, and the other as a finish. Invite the kids to race faster than a speeding bullet to see who wins this superhero challenge! You can also create an obstacle course from items found around your home as the little ones compete to save the day. They may want to do these challenges on repeat! 

Superhero games are a great way to foster social skills, graceful winning and losing, and even expand their capacity for emotional cognition. Every child loves superheroes, as they look at the people in their lives in search of role models. It's comforting to know that someone is looking out for them. These games will help them express themselves better, explore their thoughts and feel more accomplished. 

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