Make a DIY Superhero Mask in 5 Simple Steps

Create your own DIY superhero mask

Let your child’s imagination soar by creating an easy superhero mask out of just four items. This new playtime prop will keep your child busy with hours of pretend play as they ward off villains around your home. 

What you'll need to make the superhero mask:

1. Craft paper

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Thread (optional)

Raw materials for making your own superhero mask


Take a sheet of colored craft paper and cut it at the approximate width of your child’s face in the shape of a face mask.

Cutting the sheet to make the superhero mask

Step 2

Use additional sheets of colored paper to create mosaic pieces your child can use to decorate the mask. Use vibrant colors for the best results.

Paste the pieces on the superhero mask

Step 3

Paste the shapes across the mask you cut in STEP 1 with the help of some child-friendly craft glue. Place contrasting colors next to each other to make the colors pop.

Pasting the colored pieces of paper on the mask

Step 4

Cut out the excessive colored paper around the edges, so the mask has clean lines.

superhero mask tutorial step by step
DIY superhero mask

Step 5

Poke two holes on either side of the mask and lace an elastic thread through it so that your child can wear the mask for their next round of pretend play!

This superhero mask is a great addition to your children’s play routine and pairs perfectly with a superhero-themed game night!

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