Craft Your Own Bird Feeder

Kick off your Camp Skillmatics with a front row seat to some bird watching. Invite a wide variety of feathered friends to your yard by attracting them to a DIY bird feeder.

This fun and colorful popsicle stick bird feeder is an easy craft to conquer with your little one.

diy bird feeder

Things you need to make a bird feeder :

  1. Popsicle sticksĀ 

  2. Paint and paint brush (optional)

  3. GlueĀ 

  4. String

  5. CardboardĀ 

  6. Birdseeds

Steps to make the Bird feeder :

Step 1

painting ice cream sticks

Paint the popsicle sticks in different vibrant colors

Step 2

sticking popsicle sticks to make bird feeder

Glue the popsicle ends together and start building the walls of the bird feeder by stacking them as shown in the pictures

Step 3

Sticking cardboard to bird feeder for making the base

Cut a square shape out of cardboard and glue the base of the popsicle structure to the cardboard piece.

Step 4

Tie the threads to the DIY bird feeder

Thread a string through each of the four corners, under the top level of popsicle sticks. This will distribute the weight of the filled bird feeder.

Step 5

DIY bird feeder

Tie the ends of the strings to make a knot. You can use this to hang the bird feeder as shown in the image.

Step 6

Bird feeder to make at home

Let your child add some seeds, and pick a spot to proudly hang the finished product. Take note of the variety of feathery visitors with your little one!

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