What are Skillmatics Learning Kits

Age-appropriate learning toys, delivered

Finding fun yet educational learning toys for your child can be a challenge for busy parents- especially parents of rapidly developing preschoolers! The educators at Skillmatics set out to create a subscription program that was equal parts learning fun for children and convenient for parents. The Skillmatics Learning Kits are designed to help parents provide a steady stream of age-appropriate learning toys for their children without the hours researching and shopping. Since each child is different, our educators developed a variety of games and activities to serve a wide range of learning styles.

What are Skillmatics Learning Kits?

Skillmatics Learning Kits is a bi-monthly at-home learning subscription box program designed for children ages 3-6 years old. Each Learning Kit comes packed with age-appropriate learning toys and activities that increase in complexity as your child moves through the program. A new Learning Kit is delivered every two months to keep even the most active preschoolers engaged and challenged. As makers of popular educational games for children, each Skillmatics learning toy is designed to teach core skills through play.

Learning through Play

Maria Montessori is famous for saying, “play is the work of the child,” and that’s at the core of the Skillmatics Learning Kits. The Learning Kits are designed to inspire a love of learning and skill-building through play. An introduction to phonics might mean threading letters on a string, learning colors might mean going on a scavenger hunt to find something red or yellow, learning early math might look like making patterns with animals or solving puzzles. Because the Learning Kits come every other month, there will always be new challenges along with new opportunities to reinforce those newly acquired skills.

What’s inside a Learning Kit?

Each Skillmatics Learning Kit includes three games and activities curated and designed specifically for your child’s age, an original storybook, and a set of 4 double-sided, reusable write and wipe activity mats. Skillmatics Learning Kits include a wide variety of play patterns to meet the varying needs of preschoolers. There are puzzles, writing activities, matching and guessing games, building blocks, animals for pretend play, scavenger hunts, and more. Skillmatics designs learning toys to encourage fine motor skill development such as sorting and matching and other activities that require more gross motor skills such as search and find games or play using our large Skillmatics playmats.

Skillmatics’ Learning Domains

Skillmatics Learning Kits focus on building school readiness in four core learning domains- language and literacy, mathematics and numeracy, world knowledge and STEM, and social emotional development.

1.Language and Literacy

Our first learning domain is language and literacy which builds vocabulary, phonological awareness, speaking and listening skills, fine motor skills needed for writing, and confidence in early reading. Our educators designed a variety of learning toys to introduce language and literacy in the form of letter matching games, spelling puzzles, and guessing games that help develop critical thinking and communication skills. Reading everyday with a parent or caregiver is one of the most important ways to build early literacy, so each of our Learning Kits includes an original storybook to inspire young readers.

2.Mathematics and Numeracy

The next domain is mathematics and numeracy. Number recognition, counting, mathematical reasoning, and problem solving are core to developing math and numeracy skills. Learning new mathematical skills through play is a natural way to build confidence and develop core competencies. The Skillmatics Learning Kits include fun games and activities that for example, introduce number recognition through puzzles and matching games, encourage counting while making a pizza, or learning addition and subtraction while counting apples on one of our large playmats.

3.World Knowledge and STEM

 The third domain focuses on the world around us and basic STEM concepts. Skillmatics designs content-rich games and activities that introduce children to animals, places, community members, food, and more. The Guess in 10 Junior card game is included in the Learning Kits for 4 years, 4 months. This popular game doesn't require reading and is designed to open up the world around us in an accessible and fun way. The Learning Kits also include building sets and activities that explore STEM concepts such as weights, measurement, and balance to spark a curiosity in science and engineering through critical thinking and problem solving. 

4.Social Emotional Development

The last domain is social-emotional development which is crucial in developing empathy, self awareness and creating meaningful and positive relationships with others. Games such as “Would you Choose” found in the Learning Kit for 4 years, 6 months gives children an opportunity to share their preferences and our sticker set in the Learning Kit for 4 years, 2 months encourages kindness, friendship, and good manners. 

These important learning domains add variety and depth to the games and activities found in the Learning Kits and offer a holistic learning experience designed to engage young children as they progress through the Skillmatics Learning Kits. 

Skillmatics Books- The Mambo & Friends series

Early reading is an important skill that can lead to future success in school and a lifelong love of reading. Because of the critical role reading plays in child development, we included an original storybook in every Learning Kit. The Skillmatics books follow the adventures of four characters that your child will get to know with each new Learning Kit. The books also layer curriculum directly into the storylines reinforcing concepts such as shapes, counting, good manners, and friendship. Not only is reading a wonderful way to build important early reading skills, it also creates time for bonding, sharing, and cuddling - equally important during this part of child development.

Skillmatics Write & Wipe Activity Mats

Children learn best when they can practice, make mistakes and try again. The Write & Wipe Activity Mats included in every Skillmatics Learning Kit provide an opportunity to practice important fine motor skills such as holding and controlling a pen while completing fun games, mazes, and creative activities. They can draw and write, erase and do it again. The activities on the Write & Wipe Mats increase in difficulty and complexity with each Skillmatics Learning Kit providing fun new challenges every other month.

How does the Skillmatics Toy Subscription Box work?

Each Skillmatics subscription box is created specifically for your child’s age. Enter your child’s birthday to find the recommended Learning Kit. It’s okay to start with an earlier or later kit depending on where your child is developmentally. Visit our FAQs or reach out to our team of experts for advice on finding the right kit for your child.Each Learning Kit includes: 

  • 3 repeatable and tactile educational games
  • 8 Write & Wipe activities with a pen and cloth
  • An original storybook
  • Parent guide packed with learning tips and DIY activities

A new kit ships every other month and is priced as low as $50 per kit with our prepayment option's get started and join the Skillmatics family.

About Skillmatics

Learn how Skillmatics, maker of top-selling educational games and activities worldwide such as Guess in 10 and Found It, developed a learning box subscription to encourage children 3-6 years old, to develop core skills through play. The Skillmatics Learning Kits include age-appropriate, skill-building activities delivered right to your door every other month.

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