Wildlife Day Animal Game Cards: Free Printables

Girl happily interacting with animals for Wildlife day

Take your child on a jungle safari sitting indoors this Wildlife Day! Teach them about animals, the sounds they make, where they live and their diet with the help of these multi-use animal flash cards!

3 ways to play the Animal Game Cards :

1. Animal Charades

Girl holding an animal card from the game Memory match

a. Cut out the animal cards

b. On your turn, draw one card from the pile and place it on your forehead without peeking.

c. Let the other players use characteristics like the sound the animal makes, what its baby is called, where it lives or what it eats to describe it!

d. If you guess the animal correctly within 1 minute, you get to keep the card.

2. Animal Matching

a. Print out two copies of the animal cards and cut them into squares
b. Jumble them up and flip the squares face down
c. Let your child turn over two at a time and use their memory as the game progresses to match the tiles correctly

3. Safari Sorting

Sort the cutouts into wild, farm and underwater animals.

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