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The Animal Lover Bundle (ages 3-9)

The Animal Lover Bundle (ages 3-9)

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Kickstart your child's safari to the Animal Kingdom with this fun pack of animal-themed games. Perfect blend for your animal loving child to fill their playtime full of learning.

Product Details

What's included in the package?

    Foil Fun: World Of Animals
    Guess in 10 Junior: Animal Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom

What will my child learn?

    Pincer Grasp
    Bilateral Hand Coordination
    Social & Communication
    Decision Making
    Problem Solving
    Creative Thinking Skills
    Over 75 Animals and Birds
    Animal Categories
    Habitat and Young Ones
    Herbivores and Carnivores
    Nocturnal and Diurnal Animals
    Products from a Farm
    Animal Sounds and Footprints

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