Word Games For Kids that Make Learning Fun

While educational games can certainly boost a child’s vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills, an even more powerful benefit is increasing their confidence! Reading is the key to all learning, so we love the idea of incorporating word games into gameplay for families.

At Skillmatics, our team of educators has designed a variety of word games for kids that expose them to language skills as well as turn-taking and strategy. Plus, they’re just fun!

Kids playing with sight word flash cards
Family playing with rapid rumble, a fast paced word game for ages 6+

For ages 6 and up, this is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn game in which players shout out words for different categories. For example, “Something that uses electricity”.This game reinforces classification and provides an opportunity for adults to expose children to new vocabulary with their own choices, like “furnace” or “dryer”. 

Girl playing with letters on ready to spell

For ages 4-7, this game increases awareness of letter sounds and the function of vowels. Kids can play Ready To Spell with the word cards and included letters independently or collaboratively with an adult or friend.

Kids playing sight word flashcards

This set of educator-designed flashcards offers multiple decks for a progressive learning opportunity. There are six ways to play with these Sight Word Flashcards are described in the included Learning Guide to make practicing words fun! 

Kid learning words from Skillmatics flash card

A mega bundle of Toddler Flashcards will enable you to have fun introducing your little one to colors, shapes, numbers and animals. As their vocabulary grows, they will be able to play more games! Read about Easy to Learn Card Games to get new ideas for games to play with flashcards.

Girl writing on the mat

This engaging activity kit offers 14 different skill-building opportunities to do with your child. Writing letters, numbers, words, and even sentences will feel like gameplay when it’s stored in this colorful set of materials. For ages 3-6. 

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