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Christmas Crate: Pair the Skillmatics Advent Calendar with other cozy activities for kids!

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Oct 20, 2022

When it comes to filling the Christmas Crate, look no further than our Advent Calendar. With 24 boxes to open each day leading up to Christmas morning, the calendar also comes with a cardboard Christmas tree that your child can add decorations to each day. Hiding in the boxes are stickers for your creative kid to put to use decorating the Christmas tree –– 20 sets, in fact. That leaves four boxes, each of which include a unique, holiday-themed card game!

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Get perfect gifting options for all ages - gift guides, learning DIYs, party hacks and more

Get perfect gifting options for all ages -
gift guides, learning DIYs, party hacks and more

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Creative holiday DIY activities

Seasons of Activities: 4 Creative Holiday DIY Ideas for Kids

These DIY ideas are sure to inspire magical experiences in your home this holiday season and for years to come. Each of these simple holiday DIY ideas can be achieved with items from around your home, and after the fun of crafting them, can be used over and over again as activities to spend quality time with your family.

boy looking happy wearing a red sweater

Top 5 ways for kids to express gratitude

With lots of time devoted to traveling and celebrating with family, the holidays are a great time to get back to the basics and help your kids reassess and reinforce their values, especially gratitude. Making sure your child is able to appreciate the things they love in life will not only improve their manners, but will also make them happier in the long run. Here are 5 ways to teach kids how to express gratitude.

Kid holding a thanksgiving printable with the words

Get creative with Thanksgiving printables

As you spend quality time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving, take some time as a family to reflect on things you’re grateful for. Our educator-designed Thanksgiving printables will keep your little ones engaging, learning and expressing gratitude over the holiday break!

Skillmatics Hannukah crafts with Dot It

Festival of Lights: The Best Hanukkah Activities for Kids

Whether you celebrate Hannakah in your home already and are looking for some fresh ideas - or if you don’t traditionally celebrate, but would like to share the holiday traditions with your little ones, Marion of @MyJewishMommyLife provides inspiration with these tips.

Girl playing memory match

Teacher Approved: The best educational holiday gift ideas for kids

As a mom and an elementary educator I am always looking for screen-free ideas to keep my kids and students learning and engaged while they are in the classroom or on a break from school. When parents ask for my advice to help support their child’s growth and development at home, I always suggest finding an activity, toy or game that will teach or reinforce skills while also having a good time. I love games that sneak in all types of skill building, it’s just like sneaking some healthy green vegetables into your spaghetti sauce and no one can tell the difference!

Girl and mother playing newton's tree

Must-Have STEM Toys & Gifts for 8 Year Olds

It's important to understand that learning isn’t simply one dimensional - everything your child encounters is an opportunity for them to observe, react and internalize. Remember: every child learns at their own pace, so make sure that no matter what they’re playing, you continue to raise the bar and challenge your child once things get too easy and familiar. Explore our range of age appropriate educational toys and more at Skillmatics - celebrate birthdays and other milestones with these fun and engaging STEM toys that will have your child shooting for the moon!

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