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Scout it Out: The 50 States | Trivia Board Game (ages 7+)

Scout it Out: The 50 States | Trivia Board Game (ages 7+)

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Ultimate Guessing Game - Scout It Out! is packed with maps, facts, and fun! Roll the die to get clues and scout the state! In this game of rotating clues, you must be the first player to guess the correct state to win the Game Card and a Bonus Token! Think hard, pay very close attention to what others say, and make smart guesses.

Product Details

What's included in the package?

    1 Map of the United States
    50 State Cards
    35 Bonus Tokens
    1 Wooden Die
    1 Cloth Bag
    1 Instruction Manual

What will my child learn?

    Problem solving
    Mental processing
    Logical reasoning
    Social & communication

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