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Search & Find: Disney Princesses | Reusable Activity Mats (ages 3-6)

Search & Find: Disney Princesses | Reusable Activity Mats (ages 3-6)

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Search & Find offers 12 repeatable activities, inviting children to explore the enchanting world of Disney Princess characters such as Cinderella, Moana, Belle, and more! Each mat showcases a colourful Disney Princess scene on either side. Children will use their observation skills to search the mats for objects and circle them with the included Skilly Billy pens.

Product Details

What's included in the package?

    6 Double-sided Activity Mats
    2 Skilly Billy Pens
    1 Duster Cloth
    1 Achievement Certificate

What will my child learn?

    Creative thinking
    Reading and comprehension
    Focus and attention
    Writing skills

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