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The Ultimate Dinosaur Game Box (ages 5+)

The Ultimate Dinosaur Game Box (ages 5+)

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Get ready to travel back to the era of deadly dinosaurs! The ultimate Dinosaur game box consists of 3 unique games for all dinosaur lovers!

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What's included in the package?

    Game 1: Egg Hunt - This board game is all about using your memory as you roam the land of dinosaurs. Peek and Hop around, but watch out for earthquakes! Be the first one to find all your dinosaur eggs to win!
    Game 2: Dino Trio - Go back to Mesozoic Era in this strategic card game! Swap & play Game Cards and be the first one to collect Dinosaur Cards from three different periods to win!
    Game 3: First To Four - Connect 4 to win! Match dinosaurs, fossils, and other elements as you create a sequence or a square of four tokens!

What will my child learn?

    Strategy building
    Memory skills
    Problem-solving skills

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