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Ultimate Animal Game Box (ages 6+)

Ultimate Animal Game Box (ages 6+)

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Get ready to learn about the world of animals & their babies! The ultimate animal game box consists of 3 unique games for all animal lovers.

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What's included in the package?

    Game 1: BIG 5 - THE BIG 5 is for those who love secret identities and fooling others! Strategize as you flip cards and swap identities to be the first player with a family of 5 animals!
    Game 2: WILD WEBS - Test your knowledge of the world of animals as you race through the Wild Webs! Play cards that describe the animals to move forward, and be the first one to reach your tent to win!
    Game 3: PEEK A PAIR - Use your memory to correctly match the adult animals to their babies, flip over as many pairs as you can to win the game!

What will my child learn?

    Strategy building
    Memory skills
    Problem-solving skills

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