Backyard Games for Kids and Families Who Want to Have Fun Outdoors

There comes a time during every summer day at which parents start to feel anxious that their kids have been on screens too long, and we say, “Hey, why don’t you go outside?” This suggestion usually goes over better when a specific backyard game can be called out.

“Do you want to play Strike 7?”

Read on for more ideas about backyard games!

New Backyard Party Games for Kids

 backyard games for kids

The game designers at Skillmatics have given some serious thought to what makes playing in the backyard fun! We’re excited to introduce you to a few easy-to-learn games that will get the whole family moving – or help a playdate get off the ground. (Hint: Send these ideas to grandparents who have a big backyard!)

Meet Strike 7, an action-packed backyard family game

Are you ready to play this super exciting outdoor Game of Aim? Strike the tower of blocks and build it back while your opponents try to tag you with the ball! Yes - first you throw the ball, then you dodge it! The first team to score 7 points wins the game. Age range: 6+. 

Shop Strike 7 here.

Strike 7 by Skillmatics

Rapid Rumble Outdoors can be used for an outdoor birthday party

Our team of educators and play experts took the concept of our popular Rapid Rumble outside to create Rapid Rumble Outdoor. In this new twist on tag, the person who is “it” will shout out a prompt from the game cards - like “things in the sky.” To be kept safe - the other players must shout out an answer like “stars,” or run as fast as they can. Otherwise, they can be tagged and lose a wristband! The player with the most wristbands at the end of the game wins. Age range: 6+.

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Rapid rumble outdoor

Found It, Outdoor Edition will keep kids busy in the backyard

Found it! Four When You’re Outdoors takes scavenger hunts to the next level! Children will look for items outside with prompts like “Can you find…"Something that is heavier than a leaf? Something round?” etc.! Players must shout "Found It!" as soon as they get their hands on the object! The first one to win 7 cards wins the game. Age range: 4-7. 

Shop Found It! For When You’re Outdoors here.

Found It! Outdoors

Gift Ideas: Backyard Games for Kids

A collection of games for the backyard makes terrific summer birthday gifts. Consider bundling some of the games mentioned with swimming pool games, too!

For gathering around a fire pit or laying on a blanket in the shade, we suggest one of our Guess in 10 games, which are less physical than the backyard games mentioned above.

We’ve rounded up family games that are easy to learn here.

Find more outdoor games here.

Having a party? Consider preparing some minute to win it-style games!

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